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La Famiglia Sciretti: 1910s — 1980s

At the request of la famiglia Sciretti, I was entrusted with the task of digitizing some photos that have been treasured for over 90 years, in order to ensure their preservation. Without editing the contents, I have created faithful reproductions of the original photographs to be enjoyed on my site. Below I have chronicled a brief history of the Sciretti's in America.

The Family

  1. Michele (Michael) Sciretti, husband (09/21/1893-11/11/1957)
  2. Angelina Menafro, wife (04/20/1894-06/05/1983)
  3. Maddelena (Madeline) Sciretti, daughter (08/13/1922-09/12/1995)
  4. Francesca (Frances) Sciretti, daughter (01/28/1924-12/22/1992)
  5. Angelo Sciretti, son (03/15/1929-10/11/2009)
  6. Donato (Daniel) Sciretti, son (09/26/1931-01/29/1951)


Coming to America (Three Times!)

Michele (Michael) Sciretti was born to Angelo Sciretti and Madeline Pasqua de Bisceglie in Orta Nova, Italy on September 13, 1893. Eighteen year old Michael Sciretti left Orta Nova, Italy to visit his Uncle Angelo in Chicago, Illinois on April 3, 1912. Though he returned to Orta Nova in 1915, he set out once again to Chicago to visit his cousin Giuseppe on April 25, 2016. On April 25, 1919 Michael became a citizen of the United States. Before returning to Italy again, he acquired a residence at 740 W. Ohio Street in Chicago. While in Italy, Michael married Angelina Menafro. They had their first child, Madeline on August 13, 1922 and a second daughter, Francesca on January 28, 1924. The family decided to live in America and set sail for Chicago on April 9, 1924 arriving in the United States on April 19, 1924.

A Growing Family

Before long, Michael and Angelina added a son to their family on December 2, 1926, however, the baby tragically died on March 12, 1928. Afterward, they had two more sons, Angelo (born in March 15, 1929) and Daniel (September 26, 1931). Michael supported his family working as a laborer for the Northern Pacific Railroad and later as a paper cutter and foreman for Arvey Corporation. It is thought that sometime after 1935, the family moved from the West Ohio Street home to 4239 N. Oakley Avenue in Chicago. Madeline became a beautician, Frances married (in 1948), and Angelo served in the Air Force. In 1949, the family moved again to 4918 W. Parker Avenue in Chicago.

Life Changes

Daniel died from leukemia in 1951. Frances had three daughters. Madeline married in 1956. Michael passed away from a heart attack in 1957. Madeline had a son. Angelo had two sons and two daughters. Angelina died of a stroke in 1983. Frances succumbed to leukemia in 1992. Madeline lost her battle with colon cancer in 1995. Angelo passed away in 2009.