Transfers are conducted for $25 per firearm, $30 per firearm if the firearm is not received from an FFL dealer (and a copy of the sellers' driver's license is required).

Discount Pricing

Upon presentation of a current membership card of the Elgin Rifle Club or St. Charles Sportsmen's Club, members can have transfers conducted for only $20!


To ensure a quick turnaround, include your name, item manufacturer, item description, receiving FFL Dealer and license number on all communications sent to us.

Selling: have the receiving FFL Dealer email us a copy of their license or you can provide us the receiving FFL's information when you drop off the firearm. Notify us when you have received payment. We will ship your item within 24 hours via USPS Priority mail.

Buying: the sellers' FFL dealer can email us their license or include it with the shipment. If the seller is not using a FFL dealer to ship, they must either email us a copy of their driver's license or include the copy with the shipment. You will be contacted within 24 hours of receiving your purchase. We allow for pick up at a prearranged date and time after meeting all local, state and federal laws. You MUST present a valid Illinois driver's license and FOID when picking up your purchase, no exceptions. Also, remember that in Illinois, there is a 72 hour wait period for handguns and a 24 hour wait period for long guns; the wait period begins when you reach an agreement with the seller to make the purchase. After you complete the paperwork, we will perform the background check. If the background check is approved you’ll be able to leave with the firearm. However, if there is a delay, it is likely you will have to make a second trip as delays can take up to 24 hours to be approved.


Upon receiving your transferred firearm, we will store it for up to one week before you fill out the paperwork. After one week, we will charge a $5/day storage fee per firearm until the paperwork is completed. After completing the paperwork, if there is a delay from the Illinois State Police, we will store your firearm for up to one additional week. After one week, we will charge a $5/day storage fee per firearm until the firearm is picked up.